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Work time restrictions are placed on heavy vehicle drivers because driver fatigue is a leading cause of fatal crashes. Heavy vehicle national law regulations, national heavy vehicle regulator, getting a heavy vehicle licence, driving heavy vehicles safely, federal interstate registration scheme, heavy vehicle trailers, registering a heavy vehicle, operating a heavy vehicle. We can assess and train you in all 5 heavy vehicle licence classes categories lr light rigid, mr medium rigid, hr heavy rigid, hc heavy combination and mc multi combination. If a completed work diary is destroyed, lost or stolen, you must notify the nhvr or service nsw within two business days, and continue to record driving hours on a supplementary record. Fatigue management general information about the management of the fatigue of heavy vehicle drivers as well as relevant links to the nhvrs webpage and the current legislation. The heavy vehicle driver handbook is an informative resource addressing the rules and regulations that apply to heavy vehicles and the obligations of heavy vehicle drivers.

I dont do much driving that requires the log book, but apparently it will vary from state to state the fine for each individual mistake made on any sheet can quickly. It provides information to assist bus and truck licence applicants to. Mr medium rigid truck licence training sydney nsw heavy. Drivers of some heavy vehicles have limits to the number of hours they are allowed to drive before they must take a break. You must pass a heavy vehicle road rules knowledge test before you can. You must log at least 120 hours of supervised driving, including a minimum of 20 hours of night driving, before you can attempt the driving test, unless youre exempt. The work diary is evidence that drivers are complying with. Heavy vehicle charges are set nationally and are based on the principle that heavy vehicles pay their fair share of road spending. With a design based on the australian national driver work diary for. This publication must be read in conjunction with the road users handbook and load restraint guide before undertaking a heavy vehicle driver knowledge test. One is through a recognised driving school, the other way is through. The department of transportation dot sets strict logbook rules. The heavy vehicles requiring this record keeping are trucks with a gross vehicle mass of more than 12 tons.

Commercial drivers are particularly at risk, especially when they drive during shiftwork. Specifically, dot log book rules 2018 state that long distance truckers may work 14 hours at a stretch, but no more than 11 hours behind the wheel of their commercial motor vehicle. While twoup drivers must never exceed the working hours mandated by their particular workrest option, there are no set short rest requirements for drivers operating in a bfm twoup arrangement. The two restart provisions that are currently suspended are not included in this set. Australias national heavy vehicle logbook laws defined ian. Act heavy vehicle drivers handbook access canberra. Driving lessons with an instructor 1 hour is worth 3 hours. Drivers log book record book for drivers tachodisc. The driving companion contains the log book to record your compulsory driving hours. For interpreter assisted tests does not include driving tests, please. Night driving hours are between sunset and sunrise. All of the same information is out there in government manuals but it is so difficult to understand that i had never really understood certain parts of the driver hours rules and how it fitted in with the working time directive. Note that you can only use one app you cant transfer log book hours between apps.

Original to remain in the book national driver work diary daily sheet driver signature. Heavy driving school is situated in wetherill park sydney. Or, rely on our simple, flexible, affordable elogs. The national driver work diary also know as a log book is evidence that a driver s work and rest hours are compliant with the heavy vehicle national law hvnl and that their fatigue is being managed. Do they need log books for every vehicle, even the duallys. Truckers may find it fairly easy to fill a drivers log book once they know the basics. The heavy vehicle driver handbook is an informative resource addressing the rules and regulations that apply to heavy vehicles, and the obligations of heavy vehicle drivers. Includes instructions of how to use, which are printed inside the front cover. Based in brisbane, queensland, the national heavy vehicle regulator nhvr is australias first national, independent regulator for all vehicles over 4. Government of dubai road and transport authority rta. Youll find a full list of the priority registration and licensing transactions you can do with us online and over the.

Supplementary work diary record national heavy vehicle. The reason for the hours of driving, is that during that hour driving period youre going to work another approximately an hour at least in the ondutynot driving, which totals 14. Log book companions, log calculator, trucker log, log ruler. For every structured driving lesson you complete with a licensed nsw driving. Drivers daily log and trip sheet with daily vehicle check control drivers and vehicles with this offtheshelf, easy to use, log book system. You now have two options to complete your learner driver log book. Drivers who drive under the 100km limit are not required to keep such a log. Information for heavy vehicle drivers nz transport agency. Trucklogics electronic driver logs app for android and iphone are easy to use and it simply automate the hours of service compliance needs for both fleets and drivers. Buy vehicle log books for your employees and business at officeworks. Tasmanian heavy vehicle drivers handbook transport tasmania.

New regulations to manage driver fatigue standard hours september 2008 from 29 september 2008, the road transport general regulation 2005 will contain new provisions relating to the management of heavy vehicle driver fatigue. The national driver work diary also know as a log book is evidence that a drivers work and rest hours are compliant with the heavy vehicle national law hvnl and that their fatigue is being managed. Pick up where you left off and complete the rest of your supervised hours in the app. To keep drivers accountable details are stored in a log book, and drivers must take breaks as prescribed. Whether you are an individual driver or manage a fleet of heavy vehicles and their drivers, the windows version of work diary mate can help you stay compliant and makes log book checking a breeze. The remaining 10 hours of the 24hour day must be off duty. Read it together with the road users handbook and the load restraint guide before taking a heavy vehicle driver knowledge test. Trucker log chek warns drivers when they are exceeding weekly hour limits. Keep your drivers legal, save and on the road with this convenient online course, available on computer, smartphone or tablet. Supplementary work diary record national driver work diary daily sheet author. Drivers daily log books, truckers log books, canadian. A driver must also have a total rest time for a period of not less than the time referred to in column three. Drivers must complete daily sheets to record their workrest history. Operators and drivers information national heavy vehicle.

Under standard hours, drivers can work for a maximum of 12 hours in any. For further information on vehicle registration and driver licensing please. Even with daily use, log books can also be protected well, kept organized and intact with j. The onus is also on the employer unless self employed as they have to have a record of the log book entries as well. Rules for lorry, bus and coach drivers on how many hours you can drive, exemptions from the rules, and when the rules can be relaxed temporarily. Driverlogbooks also helps drivers logging tasks easier and faster by providing them with essential log book companions like log calculator, clear log rulers and pens. Driver fatigue is a foreseeable risk for all drivers. At first it was started as a driving school for cars and now they have expanded into being more than just another driving school. With a design based on the australian national driver work diary for heavy vehicles, you will know how to use it straight away. What is the status quo here for my company so i can direct them to get cdls andor med cards. Below, you will find one that suits best your drivers log books. Worktime and logbook requirements nz transport agency. It is against the law to drive a heavy vehicle if you are impaired. When you have met the log book requirements, you can electronically submit your details to roads and maritime before you book your driving test.

Heavy vehicle driver handbook roads and maritime services. Makes it easier to keep daily log book entries accurate and uptodate. When you get your learner licence you will be given a queensland learner logbook and information about how to download the free queensland learner logbook app so you can start recording your driving experience. Moonlighting at another job is not a permissible way for truckers to spend their offduty time, because truckers need rest like. The rta may refuse to renew the licence of drivers who have exceeded their demerit. It also includes buses, trams, agricultural machinery, livestock transporters, tankers, grain and delivery trucks and other long and possibly slow moving vehicles on our roads. This section should be looked at in conjunction with driver fatigue. Keller is the trusted source for dot transportation, osha workplace safety, human resources, construction safety and hazmat hazardous materials regulation compliance products and services. My heavy vehicle licence the term heavy vehicle applies to the trucks, bdoubles and road trains that transport goods across australia. Wales rms as the original developer of the heavy vehicle driver.

Filter by press enter to collapse or expand the menu. There are 10 forms to record your day time driving and 2 forms for your night time driving. Regulations instructions daily vehicle inspection report monthly log summary 31 duplicate sets no recap note. The contents of a truck driver log book include the date, name of carrier, truck number, and the total number of miles driven within a 24hour period. For drivers of commercial vehicles it is an occupational hazard which, under occupational safety and health laws, must be managed by a safe system of work.

Remember, it is your responsibility to check the rules that apply to heavy vehicle drivers. Driver licences in australia refer to the official permit required for a person to legally drive a. If you are unsure whether you have to use a work diary for your vehicle. Log chek computes nextday hours available for either 60hour7day or 70hour8day cycles. New regulations to manage driver fatigue standard hours. For your practical assessment, bring your paper learner guide and log book including the.

The regulation of dangerous goods vehicles and their drivers. If you choose to use one of the digital log book apps, you dont need to complete a paper log book. In a period referred to in column one, a driver must not work for more than the period referred to in column two. The medical standards for drivers of commercial vehicles are set by the. This page provides learner drivers with an overview of the road to solo driving handbook and the learner kit. Vehicle registrations date to be determined bus driver authorities and bus operator accreditation. Work diary mate work diary, heavy vehicle log book. Every time you drive you must record the details of your journey in the log book pages. It is a useful guide outlining rules and regulations, skills and correct attitude required by professional drivers. Main contact for heavy vehicle matters national heavy vehicle regulator nhvr. Rules handbook, australian road rules and load restraint guide before. Drivers are not allowed to drive or work more than the maximum work hours or rest less than the minimum rest hours in a certain period set out by law.

Twoup drivers rest breaks australian fatigue management. Jan 21, 2019 properly filling out an hours of service log is a matter of federal law for truck drivers, as well as company policy. Driver fatigue is a major cause of fatal crashes and commercial heavy vehicle drivers are at particular risk. Heavy vehicles department of transport and main roads. Keller 602l triplicate drivers daily log book with carbon packages of 50 or 100. Includes drivers daily log and detailed dvir all on one page no printing on the back of the pages entry sections include. Frequently asked questions about heavy vehicle national laws.

Stationary rest time is the time a driver spends out of a heavy vehicle or in an approved sleeper berth of a stationary heavy vehicle. Logbook and worktime training course for heavy vehicle drivers. The rules regarding driving hours and managing fatigue can be found on the national heavy vehicle regulator website. This video was put together to help drivers complete their work diary under the heavy vehicle national law hvnl. If the driver used more than one vehicle, then it must also be. You must obtain a replacement diary within seven business days. Drivers of fatigueregulated heavy vehicles must complete and carry a national driver work diary if they drive more than 100 kms from their home base. Alerts drivers when they are exceeding weekly limits. For more information on this change and other changes to the way were doing business visit our coronavirus covid19 information page. The drivers handbook provides an overview of the road rules and the laws for drivers licences and registering a vehicle in south australia the information contained within this handbook has been prepared to help you become better informed about road safety, road rules, drivers and licensing and vehicle registration.

Offers monthly summary sheet and 7 and 8day recap to help drivers quickly determine hours available features detailed dvir book format, 31 sets quick view j. Help reduce your risk of errors and dot hours ofservice compliance violations with our easytouse driver log books, truck logbooks, drivers vehicle inspection reports dvir, annual vehicle inspection reports avir, and canadian inspection reports. Is it before or after a theory and eye sight test at an rmsservice nsw office. Driver training nsw was started by two professional heavy vehicle drivers.

The heavy vehicle driver handbook will help you understand the special rules and. Get the driver daily log book solutions you need to meet dot requirements. As no australiawide licensing scheme exist, rules for the issue of licenses. Driver log books to help meet hoursofservice requirements. Use an app to record your 120 hours of driving practice and submit the data elec. We provide nzta approved truck drivers logbooks and drivers daily checklist books to most of the truck, bus and contracting companies throughout new zealand, and anyone else requiring driving hours logbooks.

Refernce to the uae cabinet decision 30 of 2017 on traffic and traffic safety services the fees of driving licenses and vehicles has been unified across all the emirates, for more information please visit the nearest rta happiness centers, rta registration and inspection centers or call 8009090. In other words, you do not have to take a break after or within the first 6. Log book apps log books learner licence driver licence. Companies can monitor their drivers progress and compliance with the course. Oct 16, 2018 information for heavy vehicle drivers work time and logbooks. My licence the driving companion how to use your log book. The federal motor carrier safety administration fmcsa requires logs to be current through the last duty status change. The heavy vehicle driver handbook will help you understand the special rules and regulations that apply to you and your heavy vehicle. Youll be given a paper log book when you are issued with your learner licence. This set of logbook examples help explain the various provisions of the hoursofservice rules.

Youre allowed to drive a maximum of hours in one twenty fourhour period according to canadian rules. Eligible standard hours drivers who have an ongoing need for an exemption will need to apply to the. Australias national heavy vehicle logbook laws defined. The code of practice on fatigue management for commercial vehicle drivers provides guidance on what a safe system should consider. It contains information on drivers hours, the condition of your vehicle and your responsibilities as an hgv driver. Learning to drive a heavy vehicle in nsw australian emergency law. Vicroads has suspended all light vehicle drive tests and computerbased licence tests. If you choose to use the paper book rather than a digital app, make sure you take care of it. Please complete the forms as shown in the sample provided. This drivers log book can also be used by those who simply want to keep a written record of their working week. All drivers of fatigue regulated heavy vehicles who drive more than 100km from their base under standard hours or operate under. Information for heavy vehicle drivers work time and logbooks. It breaks down all of the the complicated european laws and makes them so easy to understand.

There are 3 digital apps now available to record log book hours. Your drivers must comply with the hours of service rules. After over 26 years each driving around australia they created driver training nsw to help create a one stop training and assessing company. If you are driving a fatigueregulated vehicle, you must. How to fill out a paper daily truck drivers log the balance. This handbook sets out the legal and road safety requirements for drivers of buses and trucks.

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