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Seeking an entry in the guinness book of world records, a college principal on monday released a book with the longest title of 1022 words with 4805 characters and no space. Basic book designnumber of pages wikibooks, open books. Calculate the final extent and number of blank pages at the end of the book. I figured this because the book has 150 psalms, and the runnerup in chapter count would have been isaiah, with a meager 66 chaptersthats less than half of what psalms has. Dr subramonian, principal, dr r v arts and science college, karamadai, about 25 km from coimbatore, has written a book about daniel radcliffe, the young actor, who gave life to j k rowlings character harry.

Yep, that is my summer reading, he replied, glancing down at the 1,088page behemoth of a novel. Over 50 people took part in the construction of the book which is entitled this the prophet mohamed and is a compilation of. It may be cheaper to print a 224page book instead of a 216page book. The longest novel in a single volume that i have ever read is a suitable boy by vikram seth.

Its theme of involuntary memory is repeated through the course of following the narrators life, from childhood to adulthood. Men of good will by jules romains has 2,070,000 words. Those 60 pages were separated into a bunch of stories of varying lengths. In 2011, the lists average length peaked at 467 pages.

Jasmines longest book has 396 pages and her shortest book has onefourth as many pages as the longest. Please find below all the answers for the shortest book in number of words. Ten of the worlds longest books for reading addicts. A key issue is the fact that picture books are 32 pages. And i thought the stand was long its only 1168 pages. The guinness book of world records gives the honor to marcel prousts elephantine remembrance of things past, weighing in at 9,609,000 characters including spaces. Jasmine wants to organize her books in order of most.

If we used all that paper in our book, it would be about 12 trillion pages long, and a bookshelf wide enough to. It contains 3,958 pages in four volumes and took 10 years to complete. For a full list of record titles, please use our record. Most resources claim that the book of psalms is the longest book in the old testament, and therefore the bible. Free download or read online the longest day pdf epub book. Return to writing for children printmobilefriendly version. I found that the pages are a little to maneuver unless you have a. This task ended up being much more complex than one would think a list of longest books ever should be. The book has been awarded with premio bancarella 1962, cornelius. A glorious mess in a career of glorious messes, pynchons longest and. On our website you will be able to find not only the answer for the shortest book in number of words but also thousands of other game answers, cheats and solutions. Book page count calculator how many pages is my novel.

I am definitely not including all the longest books i have read and. Spam or selfpromotional the list is spam or selfpromotional. Britains tax code is an incredible 17, 000 pages long. How to use our book page count calculator select your word print size select the book genre enter your books word count press calculate number of pages just 4 easy steps and youre done. I meant any printed ones and not any mangas or online webcomics or anything on the internet. I built one logos word list like this for every single book of the bible.

If theres a new major character introduced every hundred pages or so, youd have 100 billion main characterswhich is about the same as the total number of humans who have ever lived. Page numbering is the process of applying a sequence of numbers or letters, or roman numerals to the pages of a book or other document. The book was unveiled by mshahed international group, in dubai, uae, on 27 february 2012. Note the us edition has more pages heres why according to one source this entry was posted on thursday, july 12th, 2007 at 1.

The final page number effectively, the books grand total will appear in the bottom row, that for your index. This is a very popular question from the bible quiz trivia game. Find below the top 15 longest series by total number of volumes, then by total number of pages. It sold tens of millions of copies in eighteen different. So we dread to think how many people would be able to get through these monsters of. Author stephen king has a reputation for the big book.

No doubt frank, the number one proust scholar in america from little miss sunshine. Proust produced the first volume of his volume masterpiece in 1912 it was first published in 19. King on king stephen king on his 10 longest novels. If the book in the middle of her shelf has three times the number of pages of the shortest book, then how many pages does the middle book have. Now we are given that her shortest book has onefourth as many pages as the longest. The second part of his work won international awards as soon as it was published and with them, an international reputation. We want to give authors an easy way to show how long their book or novel is. How many pages were in the longest book ever written answers.

The chinese wuxia novelist jin yong wrote a numbe r of long novels, of which the long est are the deer and the cauldron 1,230,000 characters and demigods and semidevils 1,211,000 characters. The longest day is a book by cornelius ryan published in 1959, telling the story of dday, the first day of the world war ii invasion of normandy. The first edition of the novel was published in 1959, and was written by cornelius ryan. Length of a book is typically associated with its sizespecifically page countleading many to assume the largest and thickest book equates. More important is whether or not your book reads like a picture book succinct, musical, pictorial. All records listed on our website are current and uptodate. Here are the longest series, as determined by the number of completed, full books in the series. Cats of the clans and secrets of the clans are at a tie.

Like other numbering schemes such as chapter numbering, page numbers allow the citation of a particular page of the numbered document and. While it is by far the longest book of the bible by the number of chapters, the book of psalms is only the third longest book of the bible according to the number of words. The ocean background is precolored in a light to deep green it gets darker as you get closer to the bottom. Incorrect book the list contains an incorrect book please specify the title of the book.

Books range from several words to several thousand compare goodnight moon to the polar express. If the calculation is based on the number of verses or the number of chapters or the number of pages, it is correct. I created this list because my wordpress statistics indicate that people do web searches for this information. Over the years, there has been some controversy over what constitutes the worlds longest novel. Inappropriate the list including its title or description facilitates illegal activity, or contains hate speech or ad hominem attacks on a fellow goodreads member or author. Other commentators cite henry dargers in the realms of the unreal, a 15,000 page, handwritten tome that has yet to see print. Weve taken a look at the shortest books in the bible, but what about the longest book in the bible if youd asked me about it in sunday school, my answer would have been a quick, confident psalms.

It is supposedly the worlds longest published novel in english at 2. Length of a book is typically associated with its sizespecifically page countleading many to assume the largest and thickest book equates to its. Venmurasu is a tamil book still being written that should be 25,000 pages. Top 10 longest novels in the english language listverse. The list below has been compiled from a lot of research, and it includes only stand alone titles or the first book in a. Depending on the variant that youre reading i believe that the page numbers differ between countries so im using the copies that i have to hand. Rated the longest novel ever by the guinness book of world records, theres no doubt that prousts masterpiece could quite easily double up as a mightily effective doorstop, with volumes clocking up nearly 1. The main characters of this history, war story are. It was in fact larger but the publishers managed to convince him to shed a. There seems to be a confusion on all the threads related to number of comics as all of them are asking for runs basically number of issues and what i mean is number of pages in a singular comic book. How many pages are there in all the harry potter books. Kings latest, under the dome, is his third longest novel ever. Jasmine wants to organize her books in order of most number of pages to least number of pages.

Although many wouldnt mind reading a book that is more than or 1500 pages, you might just think twice before starting books that fall into. The book was published in multiple languages including english, consists of 350 pages and is available in paperback format. The title translates to remembrance of things past. But savoring a book of, say, 800 pages or longer is a project. Page number is a terrible way to estimate word count as it depends on the size of the pages, the font size, the font used spacing, leading etc. The number itself, which may appear in various places on the page, can be referred to as a page number or as a folio. Here are the number of pages in the harry potter books listed. The list of books and their page counts was supplied by kings office and refers to the american hardcover editions. I used word count, not number of pages, as the measure of length, and 3. This coloring book unfolds in a continuous sheet to a full fifteen feet long. If you are a big book reader or youre curious about the lengths some ya novels have gone in their physical manifestation then youll enjoy this look at the longest ya books around. To do so, get the number of sections by dividing the grand total of pages by 16, then round up to a whole number of sections, multiplying these by 16. A suitable boy by vikram seth which is an amazing piece of literary work and personally i consider his lifes masterpiece is simply magnanimous. Pdf the longest day book by cornelius ryan free download.

The second longest book of the bible is genesis with 32,046 words. Rated the longest novel ever by the guinness book of world records, theres no. This is a list of the novels over 500,000 words published through a mainstream publisher. Compiling a list of longest novels yields different results depending on whether pages. Number of pages of shortest book now we are given that the book in the middle of her shelf has three times the number of pages of the shortest book. The hong kong tax code, widely held by tax lawyers to be the most admirably efficient in the world, is 276 pages long. Did grossman set out to write the worlds longest book. Books guinness world records 2021 wild things guinness world records kids website guinness world records tv shows guinness world records. That left me with 66 logos word lists, each giving me every originallanguage word in a given book of the bible. The oxford english dictionary has 10 volumes, 15,490 pages.

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