Nncheque book without counterfoil

Each cheque leaf consists of two portion namely normal cheque leave meant to be issued to others and one counterfoil acknowledgment portion on the left side. In order to understand how people use our site generally, and to create more valuable experiences. Silvine carbon cash receipt counterfoil book, pack of 36 233. Baroda cheque book saving account is a saving account ideal for individuals for inculcating saving habits. But we send replacements when you get near the end of your current ones. This book features 50 receipts with counterfoils and is perforated for easy removal. Pack of 6 duplicate receipt book with counterfoil 40. Food flash number 10 from the ministry of food a reminder to leave the counterfoil from your ration book for the milkman. Counterfoil definition and meaning collins english. A counterfoil is the part of a cheque, ticket, or other document that you keep when you. How do i order a cheque book or payingin book using online.

It is perforated along the counterfoil for easy removal. The cheque book has a counterfoil, which remains in the book after you have torn off and presented. Applicable account currency 30 bearer cheques without counterfoil 1 hkd 30 account payee only crossed cheques without counterfoil 9 hkdusd 50 bearer cheques with counterfoil 3 hkd 50 account payee only crossed cheques with counterfoil 5 hkdusdrmb. Depending on what it is a counterfoil of, it is most likely the stub part of a cheque book, postal order, money order, etc, where the details of the transaction are recorded.

This is one of the basic and flexible deposit options, allowing transaction without limiting the. You complete one each time you want to pay cash or cheques into. A cheque number was added and cheque books were issued so that cheque numbers were sequential. Cash receipt book counterfoil notebook style duplicate pack of 2. Counterfoil meaning in the cambridge english dictionary. This contains a number of payingin slips which include details to identify your bank account. This allowed for some basic fraud detection by banks and made sure one cheque was not presented twice. Cheques can be used to pay bills, and have the advantage that they can be posted without the risks. Great prices on your favourite office brands plus free delivery and returns on eligible orders. Dictionary grammar blog school scrabble thesaurus translator quiz more resources more from collins. Cheque book scheme information for drawers updated july 2016. Each page of the cash receipt book by silvine has no. You can order a cheque book or payingin book online provided you have previously ordered one for that account through telephone banking.

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